We humbly thank the creative year 2019 for all feelings that have been given, from excitement to many happy laughters.

Now we pack the impressions, sharpen the pen and look forward to creating new unforgettable stories in 2020’s Z-Notes!

For this production we chose a major favourite in the Sirio-series as the cover and a newcomer of Geltex as inlay. In addition to the tactile feeling from the paper with its deep black dept, the new Trustseal foil Mosaic gives you an even higher wow-effect thanks to its holographic 3D effect.

Cover: Paper Sirio Ultra Black 280 gsm, Foil Trustseal SFX Mosaic, Printing white in HP Indigo 5900, Brass die Hinderer und Mühlich

Inlay: Paper Geltex GX-110-LS-F 115 gsm – News!