(Svenska) Unique paper and board!

SOHO Touch Class®

The first range of uncoated papers and boards in the world that meets all requirements of the new digital enhancement presses using foils and varnish that can also be printed using digital printing technologies such as Indigo, Toner-based and UV Offset.

The special Touch Class® treatment ensures resistance to fingerprints, stains, oils and water so that the paper is ideal for applications requiring high resistance to handling, such as menus in the catering sector and labels applied to bottles containing high quality olive oils and spirits, so that laminating is no longer necessary.

•Soho Nature Touch Class® in White – 95; 200; 300gsm
•Tintoretto Soho Touch Class® in Gesso – 95; 200; 300gsm

Suitable for:
•HP Indigo
•Toner-based printing
•Offset printing